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Jun. 11th, 2009

Title: Flutter (1/1)
Characters: Sara Tancredi, Michael Scofield
Rating: G.
Length: 360
Spoilers : 4.22
Genre : A little pinch of crack, non-epilogue compliant, fluff !
Summary : The first time she feels the baby kicks, she's alone.
Author's Note: I've only posted the bright side of this story here, 'cause seems like I am unable to write something without exploring both sides of the coin : Canon and Non-epilogue compliant. The whole thing is posted at my lj (</a></b></a>sunnydust ) and you can "choose your own ending" but since this place is a better place, it's just the non-epilogue compliant part ;-)
Thanks to yougottaletmego  for the beta work ! *squishes*

The first time she feels the baby kicks, she's alone. She smiles as a bittersweet thug encircle
s her heart.

Settled in the hammock, facing the sea, she's reading yet another baby book when it happens. She's engraving the pleasant coolness of Costa Rica's evenings in her memory, a sense of maternal pride building up from the depths of her womb. She panics too. The life she's caring becomes more real every day. She's been doing that a lot lately too. Over thinking. Analyzing. Trying to take a look at the bigger picture. She is this close from pinning the information she has been collecting from books and the Internet, on the walls of the living room. Just to be sure. When do babies start teething, sleeping rhythms, formula, sun protection, uterine musical stimulation...Although she cannot confess it, she is sometimes scared this child will have his father's mind, and that too many stimulations would be too overwhelming for him.

Some days she is also worried that she's turning her pregnancy into a Michael Scofield masterminding plan and that she'll end up with tattoos too.

The other days she joked about it and was relieved that these are the things that have been bothering her mind for the past months...not another life threatening and impossible situation.


Later that night, as she is lying in bed, sleep slowly coming, she feels the tiny life in the secure protection of her womb move again.

Although this time, she is not alone. Michael's body is warm against her back. She can feel his breath on the nape of her neck, deep and peaceful. His lips softly brushing the skin between her shoulder blades. The light pressure of his hand on her rounded belly and her hand on his allows their wedding rings to connect. The whole moment does an odd thing to her heart, she can't even begin to describe it.

As she did earlier, she smiles, a feeling of pure joy warming up her insides.


He can't feel their son yet, but she knows that – according to page 215 of “What to expect when you're expecting” – he will soon, and she's glad.




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Jul. 30th, 2010 02:52 am (UTC)
Re: Flutter
I just finished watching PB via netflix and i loved the show, though i shared a lot of the same feelings with many other watchers. The last season wasn't as good and that more interaction between Michael and Sarah would have been wonderful. I've been looking online for thoughs about it from others and came across your writing. I've read a few of themt that you've posted and though I didn't have an account here I had to create one because I had to tell you how much I LOVED and enjoyed Flutter. I could really imagine the characters and picture them as if I were watching an episode of PB. You were able to capture so many details from the show and bring them to your chapter that it made it wonderful. Relaly good work and almost made me cry because I know that Michael was not able to experience that with her. He wasn't able to feel his baby kick and hold her the way you discribe it here. It also really upsets me that the writers of the show kept that from us...really upsets me that he died at the end...and don't understand why?

Thank you for this...thank you for giving me a different ending to such an amazing couple.
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