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Fic: I'm happy right now (1/1)

I'm happy right now (1/1)
Fandom: Prison Break
Characters: Sara Tancredi, Michael Scofield, brief mention of Lincoln and Kellerman.
Rating: PG.
Length: 750ish
Genre : AU (non-epilogue compliant), post-series, fluff?
Summary : The minute they step into the condo they both hold their breath.
Author's Note: TFB never existed. No nosebleed at the beach either even if the story stops before that! Lol. This story takes place in 4.22 pre-4 years jump. The idea came up after too much overthinking when watching 4.22 and realizing that our beloved couple changed clothes between two scenes : the signing with K-man and the walk on the beach. *g* I've been thinking of that fic for a few months now. I am no NC-17 fic writer, so apologies, but it can be a bit PG rated though just for mention of nekidness. Also, I did my own maths but since the writers of that show had no sense of continuity whatsoever I think I'm fine anyway. No beta for this and I'm a bit jetlagged, so if you see typos or anything, point me in the right direction! Kuddos to the ever amazing poisonshades for looking thoroughly into my mistakes and make it work, you're the best and your grammar freak self is always welcome. Oh and since it's still before midnight, Laura, you can consider this as a birthday fic ;)

After signing the end of this mess, they finally made their way back to Deb's condo.


Kellerman's team had arranged hotel rooms for everyone for the week, but she and Michael chose to retreat back to familiar territory, explaining that the little stuff they owned was still there anyway.

It was a lame excuse but they just wanted to be alone together, finally able not to look over their shoulders. Knowing that they could bake real dinner there and take their time eating it. That no codes, missions or escape issues would have to be planned later in the evening. Just a normal evening, she thinks. A normal evening and a couple of celebrations.

For what it's worth, the boys didn't mind ; everyone had they own priorities. Michael hesitated leaving Lincoln for approximately 3 minutes. The time his brother needed to congratulate them on their future brooded and glanced cockily at them before reaching for his phone to ask Kellerman the phone number of the police station in Panama. She knew she shouldn't have but she was relieved.


The minute they step into the condo, they both hold their breath.

She's lying against the door she just closed. He's standing three steps away from her ; her eyes are on his back, studying him.

They don't cook. She's not hungry anyway. She just wants to be with him, and from the way he looks at her, she's pretty sure he shares the same thoughts.

“Come here.”
His voice is a soft pleading whisper that makes her shudder, a heavy lump forms in her throat and she finds it hard to swallow. She realizes that she's moved away from the door when she's already reached him.

She's in his arms.

They are alive.


A worried look on her face, she remembers that without the events of the past year, they wouldn't be here today. He would be somewhere else. Certainly, not here looking at her like the way he is right now – devouring her with his eyes. She suddenly loses her train of thoughts and her mouth goes dry.

She can't move, afraid that the moment – their moment – is going to be interrupted. Like so many times before.
It finally hits her – her brain seems be working very slowly – that they are alone without a plan to follow. It's a first and she's not sure what to do next. Is he ?

In the end, she does what her heart tells her : she kisses him. Or he kisses her, she's not sure who initiates that kiss and she couldn't care less.

She tastes his lips and she wants more. God help her, she does. Her heart rate goes through the roof, she feels his heart race, mirroring hers through their collided chests, and she's gone.


They are lying in bed. Naked.

The sex has always been amazing. But today is beyond that. Today they're not preoccupied by rushing everything anymore. Today, they can lay in bed, stay there for the next three days and not care about anything else.

She lies on her back and his head rests in the crook of her neck, his breath tickling her in a very pleasant way. She is drawing lazy circles in his hair when he speaks, her thumb brushing his scar.

“How far along are you?”

He is caressing her flat stomach and she suddenly feels the urge to kiss him, she knows that as soon as she'll tell him, he'll remember the night their child was conceived, because she definitively does.
Her mouth is dry and she answers him with a throaty voice.

“Hum. Seven weeks I think.”

His hand stops. She holds her breath and studies him as he lifts his head to gaze at her. He stares blankly at her for a few seconds then breaks in a cheery chuckle before closing the small distance between them to kiss her with an accuracy that makes her toes curl. She feels his smile against her mouth and between kisses, she hears him mention that they would make a very bad example for Sex Ed in high school. She laughs and sobers up quickly when she feels him firmly pressed against her.

Later, after a quick shower and a snack, despite how appealing it is to stay in bed forever, they go out to breathe in some fresh air and enjoy the warmth of the afternoon sun. Her hand firmly holding his, the words come easily and she says them because she needs him to hear them as much as she does.

“I'm happy right now.”


Michael and Sara: In Another Life

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