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pbinanotherlife's Journal

Michael and Sara: In Another Life
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“Do you ever think, in another life...”
In Another Life is an AU Michael/Sara fan fic and artwork community - because it is something to wonder about… what if?
The Community
- Created to encourage and promote an ongoing love for one of the finest TV romances to grace our screens – Prison Break’s Michael and Sara.

- To inspire the production of AU, future or “What if?” stories and fanart involving our favourite couple.
- This community is for fan fic and art only. This is not the place for posting spoilers, speculation or episode reviews. Please note that this also includes introductory posts.

- Fics can include any Prison Break (or original) characters or pairings, as long as Michael and Sara are at the forefront.

- Please label your stories appropriately – title, rating, genre, characters/pairings, summary, and any warnings and spoilers.

- Before posting, please ensure that proper spelling and grammar is used. If you need a beta, drop us a line and we'll only be too happy to help out!

- All fic and art must be behind an LJ cut. Don't know what that is? Find out here, or ask one of the mods.

- Your friendly, neighbourhood, donut-bearing mods are muldy, smirky_turkey and xshorty24x.

- No bashing or flaming. We’re all in this together!
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