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Simple - chapter 2

Title: Simple (Chapter 2)
: Sara Tancredi, Michael Scofield
Rating: NC-17
They're together. They're happy. They only wish things could be that simple.
Word Count: 1400
Genre: Non-Epilogue Compliant, Drug use
Author’s Notes:
It took me 7 months to post the chapter 2 on this. I've had it on paper for a while now, but I trying to decide on what to do with it. Sometimes I felt like burning it down, sometimes I was just too lazy to translate it to english and other times I felt actually proud on writing a chapter 2. So, it took me a while to get around to actually post it. Here it is though. I'm not sure if there it will be a third chapter. I like it well enough like this, but who knows, right?

Oh and this is definitely for lizparker6  because darling you were my own personal cheerleader to get this train going. Thanks for all your poking and lots of love for you for being so awesome!!! *hugs*

He loves her. But he is terrified it won't be enough.

Chapter 1 here

Fic: I'm happy right now (1/1)

I'm happy right now (1/1)
Fandom: Prison Break
Characters: Sara Tancredi, Michael Scofield, brief mention of Lincoln and Kellerman.
Rating: PG.
Length: 750ish
Genre : AU (non-epilogue compliant), post-series, fluff?
Summary : The minute they step into the condo they both hold their breath.
Author's Note: TFB never existed. No nosebleed at the beach either even if the story stops before that! Lol. This story takes place in 4.22 pre-4 years jump. The idea came up after too much overthinking when watching 4.22 and realizing that our beloved couple changed clothes between two scenes : the signing with K-man and the walk on the beach. *g* I've been thinking of that fic for a few months now. I am no NC-17 fic writer, so apologies, but it can be a bit PG rated though just for mention of nekidness. Also, I did my own maths but since the writers of that show had no sense of continuity whatsoever I think I'm fine anyway. No beta for this and I'm a bit jetlagged, so if you see typos or anything, point me in the right direction! Kuddos to the ever amazing poisonshades for looking thoroughly into my mistakes and make it work, you're the best and your grammar freak self is always welcome. Oh and since it's still before midnight, Laura, you can consider this as a birthday fic ;)

I'm happy right now (1/1)Collapse )

Fic: Monsoon (1/1)

Title : Monsoon (1/1)
Characters: Michael Scofield, mention of Sara Tancredi.
Rating: G.
Length: ~340
Genre : Non-epilogue compliant, post-series, fluff
Summary : Monsoon season just began last week and he's already tired of the rain.
Author's Note: A little something that came up in my mind yesterday. I want to keep them alive in my head. I wish I had come up with a better title but nothing satisfying would pop up!
Thanks, kuddos and hugs toeveningflares  for the beta :)

Monsoon (1/1)


Luna de Miel (1/1)

Title: Luna de Miel (1/1)
Characters: burntcircles
Characters: Michael Scofield, Sara Tancredi
Rating: PG-15
Genre: Het, Non-epilogue compliant
Length: 280 words
Author's Note: Written especially for msgenevieve , with a healthy serving of hugs.

Luna de Miel

Fic: Simple by ladykaru

Title: Simple
: Sara Tancredi, Michael Scofield
Rating: PG-13 (one bad word, drugs)
They're together. They're happy. They only wish things could be that simple.
Word Count: 1770
Genre: Non-Epilogue Compliant, Drug use
Author’s Notes: I had this idea a while back. I decided to finally translate it and share it. I wrote it with the intention of a writing exercise to train my ability to tell 2 POV's from the same scene. I chose an easy scene filled with drama and two points of view very different. I hope you like it :) Un-beta'ed.


Jun. 28th, 2009

[5 Prison Break: 1x11 - Michael & Sara (with 4x24 quote); 4x01 - Michael & Sara; 4x22 - Michael & Sara; 4x22 - Michael Junior & Sara; 4x24 - Michael & Sara]

the rest here @ my journal

Jun. 11th, 2009

Title: Flutter (1/1)
Characters: Sara Tancredi, Michael Scofield
Rating: G.
Length: 360
Spoilers : 4.22
Genre : A little pinch of crack, non-epilogue compliant, fluff !
Summary : The first time she feels the baby kicks, she's alone.
Author's Note: I've only posted the bright side of this story here, 'cause seems like I am unable to write something without exploring both sides of the coin : Canon and Non-epilogue compliant. The whole thing is posted at my lj (</a></b></a>sunnydust ) and you can "choose your own ending" but since this place is a better place, it's just the non-epilogue compliant part ;-)
Thanks to yougottaletmego  for the beta work ! *squishes*

FlutterCollapse )

Warm (1/1)

Title: Warm (1/1
Characters: Sara Tancredi, Michael Scofield, their son
Rating: G.
Length: 960
Spoilers : 4.22
Genre : AU (non-epilogue compliant *g*), post-series, fluff, family
Summary : Like almost every time, as her son finds her breast, feeding himself contently, she lets her mind drift away.
Author's Note: This a “companion” fic to the dark (and canon) fic I wrote not long ago entitled “Cold”


The Lesson (1/1)

Title: The Lesson (1/1)
Author: linzi20
Category: general, family
Characters: Michael Scofield, LJ Burrows
Pairings: mentions of Michael/Sara
Spoilers: none (from 4.16 onwards), just plain speculation on my part
Word Count: 1067
Author’s Note: The title for this fic is taken from one of my favourite plays by playwright Eugene Ionseco. Although I’m sure he intended for his to be far funnier than this lesson *g*. For dear scribblecat on the occasion of her birthday. Thank you for being such a swell fangirl and awesome friend. Thanks also to wrldpossibility for the beta.


Read more...Collapse )

Fence Talks - Secrets and lies (18/x)

Story: Fence Talks
Characters: Sara Tancredi, Michael Scofield, Lincoln Burrows, LJ Burrows, Jane Phillips
Pairing: Sara/Michael
Genre: angst, drama, romance, family, AU
Rating: R (for strong language)
Word Count: approx. 2100 words
Chapter: 18
Summary: Michael is in Sona, but there is no Company deal required from him, Linc and Sara working together to get Michael out.
They are three desperate people who try to do anything to get a normal life together, and they do some so much needed talking along the way.
Spoilers: AU for S3 after the happining of 2x22 Sona.

A huge ‘thank you’ to jaded_chord , who did this wonderful beta, as always. Any remaining mistakes are mine.  :)

Chapter 18 – Secrets and Lies